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Healing Cultural Pain: 

Exploring the Impact of the Maafa and Ways to Begin the Healing

This workshop will discuss the mental, emotional, and spiritual consequences of enslavement for African-descended persons.  The workshop will incorporate both use of scriptural references and psychological principles.  The participant will learn to view who they are through the eyes of God and develop positive and healthy strategies for healing cultural pain.

The Impact of White Christology Upon the African Sakhu

This workshop will identify the psychological impact of a White image of Christ upon African-descended persons given the socio-historical context of its use in explicitly and implicitly supporting White supremacy domination

The Emotional Complexities of Black Womanhood

This workshop will explore the history of Black womanhood as an identity as well as deepen an awareness of the historical and contemporary development of relationships with other Black women and Black men.


African American Women and Depression

This workshop will identify the common stereotypes describing African-American women and delineate how these stereotypes can manifest in depression.

Learning to Befriend Your Body: Understanding How Unresolved Psychological Trauma Impacts the Body

This workshop will address the ways in which internalized oppression has impacted one’s relationship with the body while also learning ways to begin to honor the body as act of liberation.

Honoring Our Emotions through a Spiritual Lens

This workshop will discuss the functions and purpose of human emotions.  It will examine biblical principles and accounts of human emotional experience and expression.  The participant will be exposed to how Jesus honored his emotions as both human and divine. 

Human Needs: What are they and How do they Impact My Relationship with God

This workshop will identify our basic, God-given human needs and godly strategies for fulfilling them. 

Using both Biblical stories and personal examples, the presenter will explore the application of both psychological and spiritual strategies in meeting our needs.

Mommy Needs: Learning How to Mother Oneself While Mothering

This workshop will highlight the unique needs mothers have as they function in their role as mother. 

The focus will be on practical and specific ways to take care of oneself as a mother in order to develop a healthy relationship with oneself and one’s family.

Healthy Attitudes

This workshop will offer a description of a healthy attitude while detailing the three contexts for developing a healthy attitude.

The Beauty of Honest and Authentic Living

This workshop will examine the value and power of being honest with oneself while learning to also live in authentic relationships with God and others.

Healthy Parenting

This workshop will identify and explore parenting strategies that encourage positive self-confidence and cultural esteem, enhanced emotional intelligence, and strong interpersonal skills

How to Handle My Life While I’m Hurting:

Understanding the Process and Value of Mourning

This workshop will identify the phases of grieving and discuss the value found when the process of mourning is facilitated.


Honoring God’s Diversity within the Unity of the Body

This workshop will explore the beauty of diversity as an expression of God as Creator and ways to honor the multiplicity of this diversity.


Unity Amidst Diversity: Understanding the Process of Racial Reconciliation

This workshop will discuss the impact of White supremacy within the Church and how the process of racial reconciliation can unfold as one understands how they manage the discomfort of differences. The retreat version of this workshop will explore one’s unique personal and collective identities, assist one in becoming more aware of biases as well as deepen one’s understanding of privilege.

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